Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Collins Live Experience @ Keymusic Eindhoven Sound & Light Show

Keymusic Eindhoven invited us to perform at their Sound & Light Show. Of course, we gladly agreed because we obviously love playing shows, and, beyond that, it was an opportunity to use their latest sound and light equipment.

This video of our version of 'Mama' by Genesis gives an impression of our show at Keymusic. The video and sound quality isn't great (because it's just a recording from a mobile phone) but the vibe is right and we had a blast playing that song. I hope you can feel it too :)

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Leerlingenconcert: voor het eerst in Heeze!

Sinds begin van het jaar hebben we onze lespraktijk in Heeze, en nu is het zo ver: het eerste leerlingenconcert in Heeze!!! Zangleerlingen van Iris Wiesner en gitaarleerlingen van Mathias Lang join forces en treden gezamenlijk op.

Wanneer: zondag 2 juli van 15:00 tot 18:00
Waar: 't Perron, Schoolstraat 48, Heeze

Het wordt een gezellige middag in het restaurant van 't Perron met alle stijlen, van jazz tot pop/rock, en zelfs klassieke gitaarstukken worden ten gehore gebracht. Kom gezellig langs en geniet van de muziek!!!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Fusion Project

Some time ago I met up with old friends of mine from Vienna (Austria) to work on a fusion track that we used to play at live shows many years ago, but we never made a decent recording. So we decided to finally record that piece after all those years and that's the result. Enjoy!

keys - Maalo
drums - Richard Hal
bass - Georg Berner
guitar - Mathias Lang

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Impressions from the latest shows with the Collins Live Experience

I'd like to share with you some impressions from recent shows I played with the Collins Live Experience. I feel like the band is growing together and we're having good fun on stage. Have a look at some recent video material:

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

First show with the Collins Live Experience: looking back

As announced previously, last Saturday I played the first live show with the Collins Live Experience. We are a 12-piece band including horns and backing vocals, and it was a pleasure to hear and see everybody perform at their best. We were lucky to work with the guys from MilleniumSound, who provided their sound and lighting equipment. They reserved the whole afternoon to work on the light show and to get the best possible sound for the audience and for us on stage. So we basically had one more final rehearsal on stage, while they optimized their settings. This left us with a very good feeling, and we could enjoy our dinner before the show in a relaxed and confident atmosphere.

When we finally hit the stage everything went as smoothly as during rehearsals, with the additional energy that you get from a great audience and from the live sound and light show. We played our 90-minute set as if we had been playing it for months, and all of us were very pleased with the result. I'm grateful to everybody who worked hard to make this such a rewarding evening!

So we can't wait to play our next show on 12 November in Podium 10 in Bladel (NL). Join us for another great evening with music from Phil Collins and Genesis!

All photos in this post © by Martijn van Dijck