About me

Mathias Lang
I work as a guitarist, guitar teacher, and composer in the Netherlands and in Austria. I studied at several music institutes and with different private teachers in Austria (Vienna), and in the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven). Currently, I live in Heeze (NL), where I teach my private students. On Fridays I also teach at Let's Play Guitar Center in Eindhoven.

I like to play and teach (almost) all styles, from classical to heavy metal. When I play for myself or with others, I usually play a mix of rock, funk, soul, blues or jazz, but I really enjoy playing almost any style of music if the band is tight and if we're having fun on stage.

I also enjoy teaching and studying music theory. Ear training is another thing I like working on with my students because I'm convinced that it's essential for becoming a good musician.

If you're interested in guitar lessons (in English, Dutch or German) or if you're looking for a guitar player for live or studio work feel free to contact me: