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I've been teaching guitar for more than 20 years, and over the last few years I started doing online lessons for former students who moved away and couldn't see me anymore on a regular basis. Now I decided to offer online lessons to everybody who wants them because I realize that there are many places in the world where it is hard to find a good teacher nearby.

I offer online-lessons in two different versions:

  1. Face-to-face zoom lessons

    advantages: it is almost like a 'real' lesson; you can ask any questions spontaneously; you can see how I play what you want to learn;

    disadvantage: we must find a common time when we can both sit in front of the computer and 'meet'. How difficult this is also depends on the time zone you're in (I'm in Central European Time). We also depend on the quality of our internet connection.

  2. Internet/email lessons
    we communicate via the internet but not in 'real-time', i.e., using email etc. I can send you short video clips, audio recordings, write out stuff, etc. depending on what you need. It is an advantage if you can record yourself, so I can comment on your playing. Obviously, you lose the advantages of the face-to-face lessons, but we also don't suffer the disadvantages, such as needing to find a common time or being dependent on the status of our internet connection.
Note that I do not only teach guitar but also music theory, improvisation, and ear training for all instrumentalists and for vocalists. I teach in English, Dutch, and German.

For more information about online lessons please contact me by email:

or via facebook

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