Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New amp: Laney Cub 12R

Hi guys,

just wanted to let you know that I bought a new little amp, a Laney Cub 12R. I had been looking for a small amp for quite a while, because my little studio is in the attic of my house and I got tired of hauling my Koch Twintone (25kg) up and down two flights of stairs for every rehearsal, recording session or gig. So what I wanted was a lighter, but still good-sounding tube amp. I've tried quite a few amps in the last months but none of them made me really happy. Either they sounded good but they were almost as heavy as my Twintone, or they were light but their sound didn't convince me. After trying all those amps I concluded that I needed a tube amp with a 12 inch speaker. Many smaller and lighter amps come with 10 inch speakers but somehow they don't give me the sound I need. So I finally found the Laney Cub 12 with a 12 inch speaker and an incredible weight of just 11.5 kg. Its power of 15 watts is enough for most rehearsals and it's even enough for smaller gigs. And that's what it looks like:

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