Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mike Stern Trademark Fusion Lick

Hi guys,

I've transcribed a lick played by Mike Stern in the song 'Jean-Pierre' recorded at a live show in Umeå in 1996. You can hear the original lick here: http://youtu.be/ICZHgTh5pi8?t=2m2s
When I first heard it, I thought this is exactly what is so typical of Mike Stern's fusion playing: a lot of chromaticism and outside notes in a relentless sixteenth rhythm, resolving into some bluesy phrase. By the way, the lick is in A. There is just a bass groove being played in the background, but the implied harmony is A7/#9.

Here you can see me play along with Mike Stern and then playing the same lick slowly:

And here's the transcription:

Have fun!

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