Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gig in Austria

I just came back from a few weeks in Austria where I spent my vacation. During that time I got the chance to play an open air concert in the beautiful old town of St. Pölten with Maalo & the Funk Fellows. This is a band I used to play with frequently until a few years ago. It was great to get together again and to play live on stage. What made it even more special was that there were two new guys in the band: Georg Beck, a great Austrian drummer, and Rue Kostron, a very good bass player, both of whom are very busy musicians. I must say it was one of the tightest rhythm sections I've ever played with!

Here are a few pictures from the rehearsal and from the show:

This live show reminded me that it might be useful to give you a few general tips for playing live. Some of those tips are actually very simple but nevertheless I often see beginners make the same mistakes (like getting out of tune or breaking a string and not knowing how to handle the situation etc.). So in one of the next posts I'll give you a few tips that I find relevant and useful for playing live (and especially playing open air). Stay tuned.

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