Monday, February 27, 2012

Back from rehearsals in Austria

Hi everybody,

I'm just back from rehearsals for Irida's CD release party in April. We had two intensive rehearsals with a great band. Everybody was well prepared and the songs sounded very good already. There will be one more rehearsal a few days before the show. We're all very confident that the show will not only sound very good but that it will also be a lot of fun to play!

And this is the band:

Iris Camaa: percussion + backing vocals
Shidhi Bouwman: backing vocals
Florian Braun: backing vocals
Albert Mair: keyboards + backing vocals
Peter Huber: trumpet
Rue Kostron: bass
Hermann Aigner: drums
Mathias Lang: guitars

Come and see us live in the Local Bar in Vienna on 15 April!


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