Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My new Yamaha SLG 130NW

Hi there,

just wanted to let you know that I got myself a new guitar: the Yamaha silent guitar with nylon strings. I've been looking for a nylon string guitar for recording and for playing live for quite some time and I finally decided to get this Yamaha guitar. The main advantages for me are that the silent guitar is light and small and that feedback is obviously no issue because there is no resonating body. So far I only used it during rehearsals. I connected it via an LR Baggs Para DI directly to the mixer and the sound was OK. I don't use any of the built-in effects, just some reverb from the mixer. I still need to experiment a bit to optimize and get used to the sound because I'm not totally satisfied yet. Next weekend I'll use it live for the first time and then I can tell you more ...
And that's how it looks on me (isn't it cool?):


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