Monday, March 5, 2012

Live gig with Yamaha Silent Guitar SLG130NW

Hello everybody,

I would like to update you on my experiences with my new Yamaha silent guitar. Last weekend I played my first live show exclusively with this guitar and I was actually pretty happy. We had quite some time during the soundcheck, so I could experiment a bit. Just for fun I tried to go directly into the mixer (jack input, no DI) but the result was not that great, as expected. Then I connected my LR Baggs Para DI box and after some EQing I got a really nice sound. What I did was leave the mixer EQ flat and add some presence and treble from the Para DI. I also added a little reverb from the mixer. The reverb built into the Yamaha guitar is only useful for practicing with headphones, definitely not for rehearsing or playing live. My conclusion is that I will keep this guitar and I will use it live whenever I need a nylon string sound.


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